At last, a Financial Services article which starts to get close to how Social Media should be used within the industry.

When I run consulting sessions with life, pension and investment providers I always ask "Who owns Social Media within this organisation?"  More often than not, I don't say another word for at least an hour while this one is batted around between the heads of strategic business units in the room.

For many in the Financial Services industry, it's an extremely difficult question to answer, but they get there in the end.  Unfortunately the answer is the answer they don't (yet) want to give, and this article highlights the point - Social Media needs to be embraced from top to bottom throughout the organisation.

And that of course scares the daylights out of our compliance driven, conservative industry.  But with a clear Social strategy and training throughout, and a belief that Social Media is part of what you do (not an add on to what you do), these tools will enhance the roles of every department.

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