A useful article from Goldmine Media for financial advisers to help them get to grips with the Company Page feature on LinkedIn.

The article is quite timely because according to our own research at LifeTalk, whilst 85% of IFAs have a personal profile on LinkedIn, only 48% have a Company profile.

However, there is another feature on Company Pages which this article doesn't cover, and yet is one of the most valuable tools on LinkedIn - Showcase Pages.

Showcase Pages are an add on to Company Pages, and enable financial advice firms to highlight/showcase specific features of their service.  In fact you can have six Showcase Pages (more if you ask LinkedIn nicely)!  So for example you could have a page which has focus on Pensions, another on Investing, another on Inheritance Tax planning and perhaps one with focus on client seminars and events which you are hosting.

But here's the thing - according to our Social Media research this year, of all the IFAs who responded, not one single one of them were using Showcase Pages!

Like a lot of software, you don't really see the full benefits until you have been fully trained.  And we've had advisers tell us that they attracted new investment clients the very first time they tried one of the LinkedIn networking techniques which we teach.

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