This is an important and profound article which strikes deep into the soul of the Financial Services community.

I'm watching the Robo-Advice debate with interest; I see those that deny it will ever happen, those that know it will happen but don't know what to do and those that accept its inevitability in whatever shape or form it will manifest itself.  And there are those who are truly excited about it as a new avenue to serve their clients and to develop new business propositions alongside their traditional face to face offering.

I love the point made “Human interactions are declining with the rise of digital channels, and will become a rarity and more valuable. Therefore, if you can apply human interaction at a defining moment for a customer, it will have a far greater impact.”

This is so important and is where financial advisers can truly stand out in the eyes of a client, but please take note of Mr Thompson's key point "...but is someone in your organization responsible for identifying what technology developments are likely to be defining moments for your industry?"

Technology is here to stay; financial advisers need to build its impact into their business plans - and soon.