We shouldn't be surprised at these figures, because the move to mobile computing from desktop has moved inexorably forward.

The number of people using apps over all categories has increased, including the Finance category which saw an increase in users of 7% over the last year.

Whilst we may baulk at the number of times people look at their smartphones (264 times a day on average*), the fact is this is a golden opportunity for financial advisers to increase their visibility.  Yet our own research at LifeTalk suggests that less than 3% of financial advisers have their own app for Android, iOS or a Windows device.

Even if an adviser decides not to offer a so-called Robo proposition, they seriously need to get in the game when it comes to this new marketing opportunity.  As the report highlights, 50-64-year-olds averaged a slightly higher number of apps accessed per month than 18-24-year-olds (25.8 and 25.6, respectively).

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* IpsosConnect TouchPoints Survey 2015