This is a great post (if not a bit scary to many people), as yet again it helps us to see that regulated industries are particularly liable to disruption.

In this case it's not technology that's doing the disruption, but people - aided by technology.

As I write I know that thousands of financial advisers and professional fund managers will be denouncing articles such as this one, but whatever their views, they will never be able to stop ordinary investors engaging with each other around a topic of common interest should they wish to - in this case money.

The wisdom of crowds is a powerful force - and when combined with the ability to communicate instantly through Social Media, then you are inevitably going to see disruption.  

Social Media however adds an extra layer - Community.  And that in many ways is where traditional investment professionals have missed out - in that they've never done much to foster a sense of community amongst their clients.

We'll be seeing a lot more articles like this and they'll increasingly be in the mainstream press.