An interesting article, telling us that like Brexit, no-one really knows what will happen.

Amongst the financial advice community, Robo-advice frequently crops up, with the words 'Uber moment' thrown in for good measure.

Personally I think financial advice's Uber moment would have happened by now, but what will come is more and more simple technology through mobile devices which will make it easier and more appealing for people to take more of an interest in personal finance and their financial futures.  In fact, my hunch is that these apps will focus more on the person and what he or she wants to achieve in life, with the financial aspects supporting those goals.  'Life Planning' if you like, but done on an app.

Many of the most popular apps in the various online stores are those which give you feedback on your personal behaviours and which interact with your daily life.  Health and fitness apps and 'to do' apps being obvious examples.  It won't be beyond the wit and wisdom of young developers to come up with something exciting, attractive and addictive that will attract millions of users over time.

What's more, there will be many different versions of these apps - some created by banks, some by financial advisers, some by lifestyle brands and some by entrepreneurs.  They'll all offer different levels of technical sophistication - particularly in their financial functionality.

When people use the words 'Uber moment' when talking about any industry, it tends to be viewed as a negative thing - but when it comes to banking and personal finance, disruption has the potential to do a great deal of good.