Articles like this are appearing on a near daily basis, and it's pretty evident that fintech in all its various forms is here to stay.

We are only limited by our own imaginations as to what developments are still to come, but they will increasingly come from young developers such as Ed Maslaveckas (just 26-years-old).

And it won't just be developers - you can expect to see entrepreneurs from all walks of life creating and developing ideas of their own.  

How will financial advisers be impacted - or perhaps we should ask 'how will they benefit?'  

Right now it's just a little worrying that thousands of IFAs still can't set up an 'Out of Office' email responder when they go on holiday which includes their website as an alternative place for people to access information or get answers to their questions.  And you can count the number of financial advisers in the UK who have developed their own app on the fingers of one hand.

But for the financial adviser with a positive outlook on technology, we are living in exciting times.