Finally, we're starting to see some articles which are getting to the nub of what so-called Robo-advice is all about.

Whilst we read all sorts of predictions about how Robo is going to "wipe out" traditional financial advisers, what we have here is some sense about the opportunity that it is going to be created for those firms who understand how technology is changing, enhancing and adding to the way we receive professional services.

There will always be a place for high quality face-to-face financial advice, but this article makes it clear that Robo has the potential to fill huge gaps in the availability of advice - whether as an employee benefit or as a quick and easy online question and answer service.

One thing is for sure, advisers who bury their heads in the sand and say that Robo will never happen (and I meet plenty of top advisers who do say that), will indeed be wiped out.  But real opportunity is here for advisers who take the time to investigate new and complementary business models which can help them access exciting new markets and grow their businesses.