Depending on which way you're wired, this either makes very exciting or extremely scary reading.

For many people, Siri on their iPhones is just a bit of fun, but we already readily accept that we are talking to 'an' AI.  I look at my teenage kids, and my son speaks commands to his phone all the time.  Even my mother-in-law who is in her eighties uses voice commands on her Android tablet.

But this point is well made - "while AI can improve customer experiences, machines will not simply replace human customer service staff – many consumers will still want to speak with a person for more complex queries and so the key for banks will be delivering a service that gets the balance right between machine and human, ensuring human intervention at the necessary points".  Though you can't help thinking that at the point a human gets involved in an interaction with a bank, it will all fall apart.

That said, we can expect a raft of new products in financial services that are completely automated to come at us like a tsunami over the next few years.

Exciting times ahead.