Could it help us to love our banks again?

This is an interesting initiative from Macquarie in Australia, taking an approach to banking which I suspect will be one of a crop of many banks looking for new ways to engage their customers.

Online banking is clearly massively popular - but that's about as far as it goes.  Banks are looking for creative new ways to get closer to customers (sell more products) and following the lead of major digital companies is a good first step.

However, banks still have a big image problem - old fashioned, stuffy etc and are still tainted by the banking crisis which started in 2007, so the question is whether new approaches like this can help with how we 'feel' towards banks.

What I do like is this comment: “Our approach is highly agile and we’re actively seeking feedback from our customers so we can continue to develop and enhance our offering based on their needs and preferences."

'Agile' is not a word I've heard used before by a bank when it comes to technological developments which help the customer, so this will be one to watch.