Since LinkedIn launched in 2004, followed by a range of other Social Media sites - IFAs and financial advisers have slowly but surely got on board.  But despite their enthusiasm they consistently tell us that:

  1. their use of Social Media is not attracting many (if any) new clients
  2. they're on LinkedIn, but are not receiving requests for help with pensions and investments
  3. they've heard about Blogging and Content Marketing, but have no idea how to get started
  4. they use Social Media but don’t really have a proper plan.

It's a pretty common picture right across the board for financial advisers, and the one common thread is number 4 - they don't have any strategy or plan to follow.

So in a UK first, we're hosting a very special workshop where in one day we will sit down and write your Social Media strategy from scratch.

And at the end of the day, IFAs and advisers who have attended will leave with their completed Social Media plan - one which they can implement immediately.

Not surprisingly, tickets are flying off the shelves, so don't miss your chance if you want to finally get your Social Media activity off the ground and producing results.

You should sign up here.