The vast majority of IFAs and financial advisers have a profile page on Linkedin - yet most admit to not knowing why!

And those that are on LinkedIn are making silly mistakes which are preventing people from a) finding them and b) wanting to contact them.

The most common mistakes are 1) not fully completing their profile page (there are a number of little-known reasons why you must do this), 2) not including their contact details (eh?!) and 3) not being clear about what they want to achieve on LinkedIn.

Yet we know of a number of financial advisers who do very well on the site - including one who attracted business worth £100,000 in fees in 2015 solely from his use of LinkedIn.  Yes that's £100,000 just from business generated on the site.  Who needs to use lead generation services when you can do it yourself on LinkedIn?

What does this IFA do on LinkedIn to attract this business?

We reveal exactly what he does at our workshop on 20th October - and much more.  Full details here.

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