A great post which reflects my own views and approach 100%

It's an issue which brands in every industry struggle with, and none more so than in Financial Services.  Within niches of Financial Services there are certainly some pockets of gold - for example I increasingly see more and more IFAs and financial advisers posting personal content, but many of the most prolific Social Media users amongst providers and suppliers just don't get it.

Yes, we are starting to see some valuable content and useful articles from providers, but hardly any posts which engage with people at a human level.

I wonder how many providers and suppliers have taken the trouble to audit their target audience's use of Social Media and to find out what THEY care about - just like Robert did in this post?  Not many I'll bet.

Whilst Robert reported modest success in his experiment, he realised quite rightly that personalised content has a much greater tendency to engage your readers/followers and is something that brands should look to include as a key part of their Social Media strategy.

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