A useful article which highlights that the pensions industry is on the cusp of exciting technological change - and long overdue it is too.

What concerns me though is that the role of the intermediary in this brave new world is all but forgotten.  Yes, many are considering a robo proposition alongside their more traditional offering, but that's a little way off yet.

What about the role of apps and mobile devices for IFAs and other financial advisers?  Our own research shows that hardly any IFA firms have an app for their business which sits on clients' mobile devices, and that means they are missing a trick.

Given that many financial advice firms have websites that are optimised for mobile viewing, it's pretty easy to add a link to their website which sits on a client's mobile phone.  Whilst this isn't quite the same as having an app for your business, it is arguably better.

For example, take a look at what Serenity Financial Planning has done to encourage clients to engage with them - a simple and short video explaining in plain English how a client can add the Serenity website to their phone home page. 

Such a simple thing to do and a great way to encourage clients to add you to their phones.