Yes, Social Media is worth the investment for financial advisers, though I fully understand the reticence to get involved by many.

Lee Robertson makes some good points here and for me, this sentence says it all:

"There was a real fear that all of this activity was more of a cost than a benefit. Most said they had tried it but had not seen results quickly enough."

The key words being "tried it".  And therein lies the problem.  Social Media is not just something to try, to give a go, to see what happens.  It needs proper thought and planning - just like any other major initiative you take in your business.

I'm very glad that Lee makes the point that his technology spend is an investment in his business.  It is - in fact the Social Media tools he uses are assets of his business, and the communication of high value information and content are part of his business proposition - not some sort of add-on which he's "giving a try".

Lee concludes by saying that a careful digital marketing strategy with aims and objectives clearly defined is vital.

But where to start?

On 20th October, LifeTalk is running a full day workshop where we get to the heart of Lee's point, that of creating a strategy which everyone in the business can buy into.  Over thirty IFAs and Financial Planners have already signed up, because we will literally write their Social Media plan there and then.

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