Some interesting thoughts from Martin Bamford.  It's a subject close to my heart and only this morning I was discussing with an IFA something very similar.  But what shocked me was his insistence that "Personal Finance is a bit boring".

It's a not uncommon comment from many in the profession, which is such a shame to hear - so you have to ask who's fault that is?

We might find it a struggle to create a Personal Finance 'game show', but the permutations of potential content around lifestyle, family and creating/managing wealth are vast.  And if it can be done in the US, it can be done here. 

But here's the thing - technology is such today that we don't need a TV production company to make the shows.  Martin Bamford himself even made a movie - by himself!

I do worry that the personal financial planning profession will never grasp this nettle.  Apple's App Store and Google's Play store have been open for around eight years - yet hardly any IFA firms have their own app, leaving the industry potentially over-reliant on referrals and the possibility of being left behind in the Internet age.

I could talk about the profession's use of Augmented Reality too, but we'll save that for another day...