What purpose does Social Media really serve in a typical IFA, Financial Planning or advice firm?

When we asked them this question, almost everyone said "Marketing" or "to attract new clients".

To some extent that's understandable.  Social Media has huge reach so it seems logical to use it for marketing.  Yet, you can see from this article that attracting new clients is really just one of many reasons.  In fact there are thirty-eight possible outcomes from using Social Media in a financial advice firm listed here - and there are probably more.

The key factor for every financial adviser to consider before using Social Media, is 'how does it fit with our business goals?'.  And if you can't see where it does fit, then any 'success' you have from Social Media will be more by accident than design.

Start by taking a good hard look at your business - where it came from, where it is now and where you see it in two and five years time.  

Identify what you are trying to achieve in your business and then look to see how Social Media might support those goals.  You'll also need to take a close look at your clients and answer some questions about the types of content and information they consume.

IFAs and Financial Advisers are starting to get much more savvy with Internet marketing and Social Media, and most now agree that they really need a strategy to make the most of it.  

The problem is, they don't know where to start.

So we've developed a Social Media Strategy Template specifically for IFAs and Financial Advisers.  

Simply download the PDF guide and work through the questions.   You'll discover that you look at your business in a different way and you'll soon identify the right way for you to use Social Media in your business.

Click to learn how to use the Social Media Strategy Planner for Financial Advisers here.