We're getting some great feedback from IFAs on this recent article - largely because it highlights the realistic outcomes that a financial advice firm can expect to see when they have a Social Media plan.

The problem is, when we ask IFAs what their Social Media plan is, they almost always tell us that they haven't got one - adding that they wouldn't really know where to start anyway.  But time and time again, we see that the financial advice firms who see real benefits from Social Media have a plan.

So how do you build a Social Media plan?

After training many hundreds of IFAs on strategic use of Social Media, we've taken another step forward by creating a Social Media Strategy Template - an interactive PDF which you can download, work through and discover specific ways that you can use Social Media in your financial advice business - and which will help support your business goals.

It includes a wealth of tips and ideas and shows how best to use Social Media in your business to support your client proposition.

You should download your copy here