We weren’t surprised when Jim approached us this time last year and said that he’s always found new clients through referrals, which were topped up with leads that he purchased.

Jim (an IFA in his mid-fifties from Milton Keynes) told us that he’d heard LinkedIn might be another option but was more than a little sceptical.  For starters he didn’t want to pay for LinkedIn premium membership and he also didn’t believe that his ideal clients would be using LinkedIn or other Social Media sites.  But in the spirit of being open minded and moving his business forward, he signed up for our next Social Media workshop.

Throughout the day, we noticed that Jim kept himself to himself, but took notes throughout.  At the end of our workshop, I asked him if he’d felt it had been useful?  Jim said that he’d had his eyes opened to new ideas but that the proof of the pudding would be in the eating.

Three weeks later we met Jim at another industry event and I asked him how things were going.  His answer?

“To be honest, I’m still a bit surprised - but I did exactly what you said and to my amazement got a new investment client the very first time I used the contact technique you taught us.  I’m now a convert!”

Jim’s success was no accident.  We taught him how a professional approach to networking on LinkedIn and Social Media can yield results and we gave him a step-by-step process which all IFAs can use.

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