This is an excellent post which sums up very nicely how important new media and content marketing is within an IFA or financial adviser's communication mix.

And note that I didn't say 'social' media or 'marketing' mix.  We are at a point of change in how financial advisers manage their professional identity and add value to clients, and these tools will increasingly be part of an adviser's overall proposition - not an add on.

Long gone have the days when financial planning was something only ever done between consenting adults in an IFA's office or a client's front room.  Advisers have considerable expertise which can now be communicated and indeed sold to people in new formats such as podcasting, and it's great to see how Martin has committed to it.

His success with podcasting concurs very nicely with others such as Pete Matthew who also sees a small, but good number of high quality enquiries coming in each month.

I firmly believe that whilst these activities do indeed act as marketing tools, they are now much more than that, and an important step on an adviser's value ladder.  Right from the very first time someone sees your video, hears your podcast or reads your blog - they begin a journey which ultimately leads to a close, trusted and profitable relationship.

Martin's podcast is bringing in new clients because its content is now not just a marketing tool - but a key part of his value and client proposition.

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