This really shocked us.  

We already knew that there are still some IFAs and financial advice firms who as yet do not have a website, but of those that do, in our sample the majority were seeing little if any new business coming in from their online presence.

There is still a perception amongst many that building your web presence as an IFA is just something on the 'to do' list.  I've had advisers tell me that they "finally ticked it off their list" and sat back reveling in the idea that they are now in the world of eCommerce.

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

But of those that do have a site, the vast majority never or rarely look at their website stats - so when we did just that with a group in London recently, they were shocked to discover that they had bounce rates up to 73%

Now, depending on the objective of your site that's not always a bad thing, but for the overwhelming majority of IFAs' websites it is not good at all that up to 73% of their visitors left without looking at another page.

And of those IFAs whose website visitors did visit more than one page, most admitted that the number of enquiries they were receiving via their site was very low indeed.

So why do IFAs have a website?

It's tempting to think that in this era of Social Media we don't need a site at all, but for most financial advisers their website is the start of the client journey and the first step on their value ladder, so the site needs to meet their needs - and pretty quickly.

There are plenty of techniques that IFAs can employ to get more engagement on their website, and those wishing to make more from their web presence should check out our workshop in January when attendees will not only write their 2017 Social Media plan, but also learn professional techniques which will dramatically improve the number and quality of enquiries they receive via their website.

IFAs and financial advisers from all round the UK are attending - it would be great if you were there too!

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