How’s your marketing plan for 2017 coming along?

Social Media is now a core element of any marketing plan for IFAs – but how exactly will you use it and what elements of Social Media will work best for your business?

On 10th January, IFAs and advisers from around the UK are joining us to write their Social Media strategy.  They’ll leave at the end of the workshop with a plan which is bespoke to their business and which can be put in place straight away.

Don’t leave Social Media to chance – write your plan and hit the ground running in 2017.

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Kevin Welsh:  Is it wise to invest cash for a deputy

Samuel Smith:  Putting Main Residence into trust.  Question

Josh Nash:  Do I need a service provider for DA firm?

Carl Melvin:  Looking to update/refresh our website - who do you recommend?

Lesley Ward:  Flexi Access Drawdown & Universal Credit.  Question

David Cockling and 3 others:  Double Detriment in Scheme Closure.  Question

Pension Solutions Group:  The Slippery Issue of the SIPP Skim

Tom Conner:  Advice from advisers: Why insurers shouldn’t dump individual claims data

LifeTalk:  we have received the following enquiry and would like to pass it to someone who can help. Please contact me if you think it's one for you

Praemium:  Much has been made of the fragile state of the platform sector but Praemium is predicting a step change with the ever-wider adoption of SMA technology

LifeTalk and 1 other:  What are your predictions for 2017 in the world of financial advice and financial planning?

LifeTalk:  Have you started planning for 2017?  What are some of your big goals?

Why do IFAs have a website?

It's a tricky question to which you might not have given thought recently.  

And it’s important because between 47% and 73% of visitors to an IFA’s website leave without visiting another page.  Here’s where you can get help to convert more website visitors into new clients

Ian Shuster:  I am not a member of APFA so it seems like a bit of a no brainer to invest, for me just £240 pa, in trying to affect our futures in a proactive way.  Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't do so via Libertatem?

Iain Wishart:  Does anyone know of an electronic fact find platform - where the client can go and complete essential information. Perhaps one that can then feed into our back office system Intelligent Office?

Steve Gordon and 7 others:  I have an elderly couple as clients, Mr is 86 and Mrs is 83. Mr now has advanced dementia and is being cared for by their daughter around the clock.  Question

LifeTalk:  What specific characteristics do you look for when looking for new advisers to work in your firm?

Philip Adams and 6 others:  AF4 – how did you get on?

And if you can’t get to the workshop on the 10th January, you can still use our 'DIY' Social Media Strategy Template – get yours today here: