Thank you to Facebook today who kindly showed me a post from 2010 when my then seven-year-old son and I decided to check out the local bankers to set up a kids account. 

I remember that he was initially quite excited about it, but our trip around the village bankers' beauty parade quickly turned to shattering boredom.

It was a pretty tedious and unexciting affair, but Ben eventually found something in their offerings which told him that the Nationwide was indeed the bank for him.


Because the assistant  "...looked like Dr Who".

To me that's as good a reason as any to choose a bank these days - they are all pretty mind-numblingly dull and anything which adds a human, relevant and exciting tech-touch is going to do it for today's youngsters.

Since then we've opened accounts with GoHenry for both our kids and I have to say it was a joy to set up and has been a brilliant way to encourage our kids to start saving and to manage their money.

I truly am looking forward to the death of traditional high street banking; they have done little, if anything to make themselves interesting and relevant in a modern age, and simply don't deserve a place in our towns and villages for very much longer.

Oh, and I still can't understand why it takes three to five days for a cheque to clear...