There really is some excellent thinking in this post and well worth reading.

At least in the UK, 'content marketing' is still a relatively new concept among IFAs and financial advisers, yet its importance as part of your proposition cannot be underestimated.

And that's the important part - all too often financial advisers see the production of 'content' as a marketing activity, when it should really be viewed as part of your proposition.  i.e. the communication of highly relevant expert commentary should not be seen as an add-on, but actually part of and integral to your overall financial advice and planning service.

'Content' is where your focus should be, with 'marketing' being a happy outcome of the expertise that you share.

As this article highlights though, it's vital to have focus, and that means planning your content related activities.

Again, you the adviser might see this as time-consuming, yet when your content is viewed within the context of a well thought-through plan, then it becomes less of a perceived chore and more something that you are eager to create.

We will be discussing 'content marketing' and the different ways to integrate it into your financial advice business during our webinar on 5th July.  We'll highlight how to get started, and more importantly how to keep going!

Plus we'll show some easy ways to create valuable content and how to use it as part of your client proposition.

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