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Like it or not, the internet and social media has an increasingly important part to play in how financial advisers generate leads and referrals, but most aren’t making the most of the opportunity.

But some IFAs are…

These two advisers got new pension and investment enquiries the very first time they used our LinkedIn messaging script.

And when you join our webinar on 5th July, we’ll share those scripts with you, so that you can use them too.

We’re also going to share:

* Two critical factors that are now missing from most IFAs’ and advisers’ websites. That almost certainly includes yours...* One key addition you should make to your website that will convert more of your site visitors into enquiries

* A secret feature on LinkedIn which you need to switch ON. While it is switched off, people are leaving your profile to look at other advisers…* How one IFA used LinkedIn to attract £100,000 in fees in just one year

* What is Content Marketing and is it relevant to financial advisers?

* The benefits of blogging and three really easy ways to get started

* How to create an easy Social Media plan that is simple to set up and keep going

* The truth about Twitter and Facebook – do they really work for financial advisers?

* Important changes in how consumers use IFAs’ websites and how you need to respond…

And much more…

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