Whenever I ask IFAs and advisers the one thing they would like to improve from their marketing, I always get the same answer coming out top of the list…

It’s not more social media followers…

It’s not hundreds more leads…

It’s not a bigger profile nationally…


Yes, I hear answers that include:

·        Improved brand awareness

·        Greater perception of authority and credibility

·        Stronger relationships

·        Greater visibility locally

·        More traffic to my website


...but time and time again, IFAs and advisers tell me that what they’d really like more than anything else, is more conversions from their website – but more specifically, more of the RIGHT type of conversions from their website.

It’s true, anyone can generate more website visits, but it boils down to:

  • Getting the right type of site visitors
  • Converting more of those visitors into meaningful conversations that lead to high quality enquiries

But there’s an issue which most financial advisers’ websites are failing to address and which is preventing more of those meaningful conversations taking place…

Whilst the ‘look and feel’ of many advisers’ websites has improved dramatically over recent years, what's also changed is how those higher quality site visitors choose to engage with the adviser.

Far too many IFAs’ websites are still little more than online brochures. Albeit good quality and attractive websites, they are still brochures that describe what you do and the services you offer.  They rarely prove your value.

And as a result, from the site visitor’s perspective, it’s difficult to distinguish one financial adviser from another.

I know this for a fact, because I’ve sat down with consumers who are looking for financial advisers and they often end up choosing an IFA based on their photo...

The clear majority of people looking to find an adviser, or to learn more about an adviser following a referral, arrive on your website very much better informed than they did just a few years ago. Whilst they don’t yet know the solutions to their financial issues, they are more knowledgeable than they used to be because they read blogs, articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts and read newspapers. Anything you could need to know about personal finance and financial planning is freely available on the Internet.

Many will have done their homework and will have gone some of the way down the road online to finding the solutions they need – but what they want is to find an expert who a) they can trust and b) who can ‘write the prescription’.

Talk to any doctor in general practice today, and they’ll tell you how many people turn up for their appointment with a sheaf of papers under their arm that they have printed off Google. Whilst we can learn much about health and wellbeing from the Internet, we still need experience and expertise from a professional to do the job ‘properly’.

So what are you doing to stand out from the crowd online?

Today’s potential clients want more than just a fancy website – they need to be able to see that YOU are the right financial adviser or planner for them.

Do you like trustworthy?

Do you look credible?

Do you look professional?

Do you have the expertise that I need - and can you prove it?

To be honest, a fancy brochure online doesn’t go far enough today. They need to see and experience your expertise right from the start (it’s no wonder that seminars are still an incredibly potent way to attract high quality new clients).

So, your website needs to offer more than just a well-written list of services... 

It needs to offer people the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’. They need an example of how you can help – but most importantly as it relates to them.

Website design for professional service providers is changing, but most financial advisers have yet to include new elements which help high quality potential clients to get on to your value ladder.

This is not something that you should leave to your website designer. You, the IFA or financial planner need to be driving this and making changes now.

Our webinar on the 5th July is specifically for IFAs, advisers and financial planners who want more of the RIGHT type of prospects to contact them.

Wherever you are in the UK or wider world, you can join us for two hours when we’ll share the very latest thinking in how to find and attract higher quality clients, and we’ll reveal simple additions that you make to your website that will start more of those meaningful conversations.

Sounds good?!

We’ll also share some great Social Media tips – plus LinkedIn messaging scripts that got two IFAs new pension and investment clients the very first time they used them.

Stop taking chances with your website, because by not making these simple changes you are losing many of the enquiries that you really want.

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Thanks in advance. Reserve your place and we’ll see you on the 5th July.

The Simple Addition To A Financial Adviser's Website That Will Convert More Of The RIGHT Type Of Clients