Today sees the start of my 40th year in the industry – or should I say ‘profession’…?  You’ll see why I ask that in a moment…

I’m still hugely enjoying myself and am excited to see financial advisers growing and developing their businesses, whilst adapting to inevitable change and disruption.

Let’s be under no doubt that change IS happening...  this time driven by technology and the internet...

If we’re not alert to this change, technology has a habit of creeping up behind us and kicking us in the backside when we’re least expecting it.

But what excites me most is meeting financial planners who, right now, are exploring exciting and creative new ways to share their value with consumers and clients.

And in October, I’m off to Johannesburg to meet a thousand financial advisers who are looking to grow and develop their own client proposition throughout South Africa.

Yesterday I received an email from a long-standing financial planner who had recently completed fifty years, who advised us against using the word ‘industry’ on our website, in our articles and on social media.

Yet only a few weeks ago I’d had a message from another IFA who recommended we don’t use the word ‘profession’ at all – suggesting that it sounded "poncy" and sent “the wrong message” to consumers looking for financial advice.

It’s certainly a counter view…

But whatever we call our collective body of professionals, lack of creativity and ideas in the face of change and disruption will be the killer.

Without creativity, complex problems will be hard to solve, and innovation will be severely lacking - meaning that differentiation will be almost impossible to achieve.

Whilst many in our profession are more determined than ever to add value, even here, without ideas and creativity we'll be unlikely to spot and exploit new opportunities.

That’s why so many IFAs are signing up to LifeTalk Live – our big event in January 2018.

Presented in the TED / TEDx format, an exciting range of speakers will open our eyes to bold new ideas designed to help you grow and develop both your thinking and your financial advice business.

New ideas are the life blood of any business, and without them, your ability to respond to change will be severely limited.

It’s not for everyone. You’ll need to come with an open mind...

Early-bird tickets are almost gone. And when they’re gone – they’re gone.

You should click here to learn more and sign up >>

Join us now and help me celebrate forty years...