Many years ago we ran a series where we asked IFAs seven short questions about their lives and businesses.  

It was a big hit and really popular...

Ten thousand new members later and we have many more great people to feature - so our Seven Questions interview it's back!

First up is Jeremy Squibb from Serenity Financial Planning in Cornwall...

Jeremy is one of our speakers at LifeTalk Live in January, so it's a great opportunity to learn more about him...

1. Hi Jeremy - tell us what you are most proud about in your business?

The fact that it is a core requirement of Serenity Advisers to become Registered Life Planners - that underpins what we do and our definitive belief.

2. How would your best client describe what you do?

A creator of freedom, opportunity and change of perspective - a life changer and a marriage saver.

3. What have you done in your business that you are most proud of?

Bandtastic - working with a client, in memory of her late husband Del who took his own life, we raised awareness of suicide and mental ill health in Cornwall, raising just under £20,00 along the way.

4. If you could have done one thing differently as you grew your business, what would it have been?

Started focussing more heavily on the value in the relationship sooner, and being less tied up with charging through AUM.

5. What warning would you give fellow financial advisers about their, or the profession's future?

Ditch the AUM model, base your focus on the relationships with your clients - not their money. It requires a huge mind shift, and a lot of courage, but that is the future.

6. How do your friends and family shape your daily life?

It is essential to have positive and uplifting friends and family. When you stand back and look at where your time should be spent - I mean the real priorities, not just working, all of a sudden, you spend the right time with the right people. There is a great model I use with clients to help figure this out, it helped me make some pretty dramatic changes in time allocation over the last 12 months.

7. What one book and one piece of music do you always come back to?

Music - Erin Shore -  the memories flood back to the early 2000s, happy, exciting days - it just puts such a smile on my face.

Book - I think the one which has had the most impact on me was George Kinder's The Seven Stages of Money Maturity - that certainly lit the flame for my Life Planning Passion...

That's it!  Many thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to answer our questions...  Look out soon for our next interview.

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