Meet Lisa A.K. Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®

Certified Financial Transitionist® and President of Omega Wealth Management, Arlington, Virginia

1. Hi Lisa - tell us what you are most proud about in your business?

The positive impact that my Team and I have had on many people over the years. It’s not just the clients, it’s their elderly parents we take on, the adult children we have started building relationships with; it’s also all the other planners around the world that I have been able to train/coach/mentor who then create a ripple effect when they take our work to their clients. 

It’s also the tangential impact we have had on everyone from the cleaning crew at our office to the advisors of our clients that we have built strong relationships with. 

2. How would your best client describe what you do?

A combination of financial planning with motivational support & life coaching, who at times is their confidante, marriage counselor and thinking partner. Someone who helps look beyond the numbers to what’s most important in their lives.

3. If you could have done one thing differently as you grew your business, what would it have been?

Implemented the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) MUCH earlier! It has brought a system for running my business and greater accountability to me as the entrepreneur and to my team.

4. What aspects of Personal Development would you advise up and coming financial planners to focus on?

Meditation or inner listening to center one’s self and to soften the inner critic, and always evolving and continuing to learn new skills & ideas beyond the technical aspect of the planning profession.

5. What warning would you give fellow financial advisers about their, or the profession's future?

The technical side will be a commoditized, but necessary, part of the business in the future and the real distinguisher will be your interior or communication & relationship skills, so if you don’t feel as strong in this area…time to start developing them!

6. How do your friends and family shape your daily life?

My husband has been an especially great support to me since he retired 8 years ago. My sons give me motivation to be the best I can be, and they keep me active and challenged. We are all musicians as well, so being able to share love adds an element to my life that balances the demands of my business and clients.

7. What one book and one piece of music do you always come back to?

I have long said that if I could only have one composer to listen to on a desert island, that would be J.S. Bach. Whether it’s the cello suites, the Goldberg Variations, violin sonatas or many of his other works- so much variety and what a creative artist! As far as books, that’s much harder… 4 stand out for me:

1) “Get a Grip” by Gino Wickman, because it’s the story of a company that implemented EOS.

2) “The Book of Joy” by the Dalai Lama and Rev. Desmond Tutu- the joy and love and deep understanding of the world, along with their friendship is inspiring & soothing all at once (especially in the negativity and uncertainty of the world today)

3) “Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert is a recent read that has got me rethinking how I coach clients around creating/sustaining/nurturing a creative life. It’s also helping me rethink my writing and what calls to me creatively.

4) “Changing for Good” by Dr. James Proschaska, et al. If you are working with clients who are in transition, or need/want to make change, you MUST read this book. Understanding the stages of change, the fact that relapse is part of the process and at any one time, only 10% of the population may be ready for change, will impact your coaching and counseling with clients forever.

That's it!  Many thanks to Lisa for taking the time to answer our questions...  Look out soon for our next interview.

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