Next up in our Seven Question Interview series is another of our fantastic speakers at our January event LifeTalk Live...  

Meet Justin King, Chartered Wealth Manager - MFP Wealth Management, Christchurch, Dorset.

1. Hi Justin - tell us what you are most proud about in your business?

A few years ago I decided I wanted to live by the sea so moved from Stourbridge in the Black Country to Christchurch Dorset where I started a financial planning business from scratch. 

I had the benefit of starting afresh, but no book of business and living in a new town in which I had no connections. 

Now I have a thriving business serving the retired community of Mudeford. Many challenges but ultimately worth the effort... 

2. How would your best client describe what you do?

A good listener, insightful and has our success at heart.

3. If you could have done one thing differently as you grew your business, what would it have been?

Understand that it is much easier to market your services once you have a clear definition and understanding specifically who you want to help and best serve. 

4. What aspects of Personal Development would you advise up and coming financial planners to focus on?

Chartered allows you play at the table, Certified shows your serious about financial planning and life planning shows you can connect with your clients on an emotional level. Be curious. 

Ask yourself “How could I be wrong about this?”

5. What warning would you give fellow financial advisers about their, or the profession's future?

I think the future is bright though there is still too many poor practices. Provide great value and if you can’t provide great value, don't work with the client.

6. How do your friends and family shape your daily life?

My life is pretty fluid. I live and work next to the sea and enjoy paddle boarding, dog walking and sailing. 

My two daughters, 8 and 6 keep me entertained and I take a month off over 

the summer to be with them. 

7. What one book and one piece of music do you always come back to?

The book is Poor Charlie's Almanack by Charle T Munger.

Music, Marianne Faithful 'As Tears Go By'

That's it!  Many thanks to Justin for taking the time to answer our questions...  Look out soon for our next interview.

Come and hear Justin speak at LifeTalk Live - our groundbreaking TED / TEDx-style event for financial advisers in January...

"A little bit different from what Financial Services is used to"  Roger Edwards

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