Next in our Seven Question Interview series - meet Nick Bamford, Chartered Financial Planner - Informed Choice Independent Financial Planning

1. Hi Nick - tell us what you are most proud about in your business?

Built a multi-generational team of Financial Planners, Paraplanners and Administrators who work together to deliver the very best possible advice service to our clients

2. How would your best client describe what you do?

We don’t have a “best client” as such but a group of lovely clients who would say they like our openness, transparency, clarity of advice and the way we engage with them to help them make really good financial decisions. 

As one of them put it recently they like “the sheer humanity of the way we deal with them”

3. If you could have done one thing differently as you grew your business, what would it have been?

We have always embraced change in the business and are not frightened by it. I’m not sure I would have done anything particularly different in the past but I’m 100% sure we will do things very differently in the future. 

We will always hold on to our core business beliefs but change the stuff around the edges on a regular basis 

4. What aspects of Personal Development would you advise up and coming financial planners to focus on?

Keep working on questioning and listening skills it’s still the very best way to find out about client needs and wants. 

At a technical level one day not too far in the future Chartered status will become a hygiene factor for financial planners and advisers if you haven’t got it, get it asap 

5. What warning would you give fellow financial advisers about their, or the profession's future?

Regulation will continue to mushroom, become more costly and remain ineffective. 

After 3 decades of financial services regulation it is still easier for someone to borrow or gamble £10,000 than it is to invest £10,000 for their financial future. 

Regulators have to accept that they have truly messed it up.

6. How do your friends and family shape your daily life?

Everything that I do I do for my family, my clients and my friends. 

The only thing I need for me is the occasional trip to see Bristol Rovers play and red wine!! ;)

7. What one book and one piece of music do you always come back to?

Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams Fantasy on a Theme of Thomas Tallis.  It’s a beautiful and quintessentially English piece of classical music. 

Book: A Message from Martha It’s a book about how Humankind made the Passenger Pigeon extinct. It was probably the most numerous bird species that has existed on the planet and within a century every one of them had been killed. A vivid warning about the damage people can do.

That's it!  Many thanks to Nick for taking the time to answer our questions...  Look out soon for our next interview.

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